Los Angeles-based Freefall Rescue is a Melodic Indie Rock band that combines conventional and experimental elements of Post-Britpop, New Wave, and Progressive. The band's sound is dynamic and lush, with eclectic arrangements and sonic textures emerging from guitar, piano, and synth. Driving rock rhythms are colored with melodic leads, vibrant passages, and celestial atmospheres. 

The music is a gentle giant that ebbs and flows with evolving emotion and a sense of spirituality – soothing and vibrant, with a rock intensity and conviction. Thoughtful lyrics dive deep into subjects of community, humanity and love, with rising fervor and triumphant conclusions. It all seems to immerse you with their cinematic grand scale, as passages of rising intensity emerge onto unforeseen elevations that are immensely hopeful.

Freefall Rescue is currently performing select dates in Southern California and completing production of their upcoming album, "Sitting On The Lanchpad".



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